Camp Quim is a summer camp for spoiled and naughty rich 18-year-old girls, whose parents are sick of dealing with. Naive innocent Angela Cortese (Shauna Grant) gets sent to Camp Quim and becomes the object of desire. Angela (Shauna Grant) is a new arrival. Longtime resident Carla (Tara Aire) is jealous of boyfriend, J.D. (Herschel Savage) who works at the camp. J.D. takes a shine to Angela, so Carla has it in for her. Tammy (Joanna Storm) and Susie (Danielle) has the hots for counselor Greg (Paul Thomas). Fellow counselor Marcie (Janey Robbins) comforts Greg. Veronica (Kimberly Carson) takes virginal Angela to a biker bar and then gets in the middle of a bar fight.