This is a complitation of Vivid scenes. It's pretty much the who'se who of the Vivid girls through the 90's. It's got pretty much EVERYTHING! There are some Grum favs here including Celeste, Lesley Zen & the late Ms Jones. ( Information on this was a bit scarce. Decent covers were nigh on impossible to get. Please send me 'non censored' ones if you have 'em! I couldn't find it on the Vivid catalogue. So, I dare say some of the scenes from this are on here somewhere. Either way, this is DEFINATLY worth a D/L. Grum screens for both halfs included. So if you wanna 'grab' 'em first to see which half you want then feel free to do so. Oh, and don't forget there is NO wolf. Bestiality is WRONG & NOT allowed on here! And I don't wanna get banned..... Heh! Enjoy.