Stoya's take on the genre of gonzo follows her through some of the world's most famous (and most obscure) sex related locations. Also: hotel rooms... it varies. Episode 07 : Barcelona Until, as I was kissing Mickey Mod, with Wolf Hudson's face buried between my legs, a much older man made eye contact. We moved inside. Episode 08 : Beograd Zdravo Mickey. Would you like a blowjob? xo Stoya. Episode 09 : Mexico City Dear Housekeeping: Sorry about the lubed up door handles. xo Stoya. Episode 10 : Athens What we left on the editing room floor: Me fiddling with the manual exposure knob for 20 minutes while wondering what the precise technical definition of sundown is. (Every single second of the sex footage remains intact.) Episode 11 : Krk, Haludovo Palace Hotel This place was built by Bob Guccione: a pioneer of sexually explicit imagery. But I couldn’t dig up any explicit videos from the hotel. So I had to have sex in it. And it had to be on camera.