In “The Addams Family XXX,” the Addams children area all grown up now and wreaking havoc on the community. Before Wednesday and Pugsley are off to college, Gomez and Morticia decide it's time to have “the talk” with them… and no, not the one about the difference between juvie and the state pen. Adhering to family tradition, Gomez brings Pugsley a hooker to teach him sex, while Morticia has Thing teach Wednesday about female masturbation. Always the cleverer child, Wednesday quickly applies what she's learned to an orgy hosted in a dungeon with two ball players and a cheerleader. Guess who's in charge? With sex in the air, the rest of the Addams Family feel the urge to play. Uncle Fester's electrifying personality manages to charm the skirt of Ms Millibanks from the university. Morticia and Gomez duel with swords, then they tango into the bedroom. Even Lurch and Grandmama have it, if you can believe that! So sit down at your station, prepare for masturbation, you've got a reservation…The Addams Family!!